Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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6majik9 - language shitting papers c90
gathering in various locations at irregular intervals with no predetermined factors apart from what hardware is available and what chemical chains are flowering and what the ambient temperature allows thus this collection of relatively brief occurrences comes from their back catalog and stretches to more recent times...glowing signs to digest like poison for fishes.

carhunt - orbs c46
ritualistic meditations and entropic pulse accumulations from the symbiotic terracidian survivor of botos. note the clear arc and become aware of the dissolution to come.

asylum seekers - dagon by air
recorded live in beautiful downtown moorooka at 'the last resort' in 2009. featuring 3 members of 6majik9 joined by two of brisbane's finest, joel stern and sarah spencer. the result is a cluster of drifting, haunting soundscapes driven by scattered occult rhythms, creating subtly shifting environments with an emergent sonic narrative.

6majik9 - drugrun1 c90
volume one of the 'drugrun' series...longform jams, edited collages and experimental deconstructions.

6majik9 - drugrun2 c46
sloppy, directionless and dripping with psychic apathy

6majik9 - drugrun3 c90
lsd should not be attempted after dark

boTos - delight rods c46
live group improvisations from the summer of 2008s
'hashram' sessions.

boTos - cones of wonder c46
more live group improvisations from 2008s 'hashram'

terracid - dissolution c90
side A was originally planned for release on mymwly as a cdr way back, but was shelved due to weird reasons. heavy handed collaged assemblages and ac'd fulk sungs
side B are four long what mum says is krock songs.

ffehro - from the second dead c46
spaced pych and free acoustic improv.

6majik9 - drugrun4 c90
live recordings from inside the 'majikhouse', 2007.

6majik9 - otters laughing in the drowning pool cs9o
aka 'otters laughing in the dying pool'. a reduced form of 6majik9 function repeated signs in circular decay.

mansion - satin door cs46
charles curse and terracid collaborate

6majik9 - you got juice in you c46
another reduced form of 6majik9 offer
psych pop with sloppy edges and accidental meanings that end with a long situation that concerns food preperation.

christian television - cathode mirror c46
improvised space drone, attempted rock and acid folk twisted through heavy psychic filters

6majik9 - in the service of miss cecily c46
available as a free download from our good friends at we have no zen . this is the hard copy. same songs but on magnetic tape for the analog fetishists out there.
recorded new years day, 2011 at ian's place (nearly). line up includes long time collaborator and occasional performer james barrett on loan from sunny sweden.

lunar blues band - cryptomana c90
herbal fresh with noisy cataract improv from matt earl, adam sussman and michael donnelly

terracid vs boTos - fake food c46
terracid takes a long glide over an ambient improvisation culled from the same boTos sessions that produced 'delight rods' and 'cones of wonder'. editing,adding and manipulating the raw
document to create a beast of a different color